RZ Endurance Row

This class is taught by:

Chris R

Chris Roberts joins the RowZone team with his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Temple University and is applying to grad school for physical therapy.
Chris started his love for rowing and fitness as a non athletic and slightly overweight 14 year when he picked up rowing at Roman Catholic High School for Boys. He fell in love with the sport and fitness and lost 20 pounds his first year of rowing. Chris continued the sport as a student at Temple as well.
Chris helps coach rowing at both Roman and Temple and has wealth of knowledge about technique on the erg and in the boat. He has a number of metals, including a silver and bronze from the Dad Vails and a Gold Medal at the Stotesbury Cup Regatta, the largest high school rowing event in the world.
Chris has aspirations to try out for the US national lightweight team, and his best 2k score as a lightweight was 6:32. He enjoys high intensity interval and lifting free weights to workout, so he is not only the perfect RowZone client, but the perfect RowZone trainer!  

Karen H

Karen has her Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science from University of Delaware and her Master of Arts International Service from University of Roehampton in London, UK. Her Thesis Topic: Development through Sports. 

Karen rowed for the Women's Varsity Rowing Team for all 4 years at the University of Delaware and is on the USA Women's Premier Dragon Boat Team to compete in 2013 World Championships in Hungary in July.

Gary B

Gary has been a member of RowZone since June 2012. The minute he finished his first class, he knew he was hooked. He has lost over 20lbs since he started and has taken more than 4 inches off of his midsection. He has been so motivated by the transformation of not only his body, but his mind, as well. So much so, that he became a certified personal trainer, as well as CPR certified for the sole purpose of becoming an instructor at Row Zone. He has a passion and enthusiasm for Row Zone because he knows what it has done for him and is excited to seeing what it can do for others.
RZ Endurance Row – The ultimate low impact cardio class that is great for both experienced and novice rowers! RZ Endurance, done completely on the ergs, is technique intensive focusing on longer erg pieces. It is a great full body cardio workout that easily gets and maintains your heart rate into the Zone 2 training level, the most effective heart rate level for cardio training. The class is designed for everyone to understand proper technique, how to properly pace yourself from going out too hard in the beginning, and how to utilize your breathing and rhythm, all of which can help you in other exercises, or in other RowZone classes!